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What Inspires You?
See what inspires us!
If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a great video is worth considerably more. 

Your passion tells a story.
Stories are our passion.

Come use our industry knowledge and production skills to tell yours.

See how we do it in the video.
"A really high end 
professional product..."
Rick Lane
CEO - Trading Technologies
"...understood the issues, understood the questions..."
Christopher Hehmeyer
CEO - Hehmeyer Trading + Investments
Products & Services
With your looks and our video...
A short video on a new product or service can help your sales and marketing efforts, plus valuable time for both you and your customers.

Each video can be customized with interviews, animation, graphics, archival video footage, original music, still images and more. 

Don’t sweat it. The video will look good, it’ll get to the point and get the conversations going.
Event Promo/Recap
Capture the moment
Want to create some buzz for your event? Want to creatively use content from an event for your website?

JLP gets you and your viewers past those 90 minute panels with innovative video that can be used before or after an event. And people will actually watch and find it useful.

Here is a sample: 
Corporate event/roadshow 
Live performance 
Personal and Company Profiles
Let the world see the real you.
Sometimes to sell your service or product, you need to tell your story in your own words rather than in a brochure. Profile videos do that, and no, you don’t need to be a pro on camera. 

JLP works directly with your firm throughout the process, from scripting and interview preparation to editing and post-production. 

Past and current projects: 
Management/Employee Profiles 
CTA/Manager Profiles (NFA Compliant) 
Company Overviews
Animation and Graphics
Hey, that looks cool, because it is.
No, we’re not Pixar or Dreamworks, but we don’t charge what they do either.

Cool graphics and helpful animations help make a video move along, help people understand what you’re trying to say and, let’s face it, make your firm look like you really did hire Hollywood to do your video.
Company Bumpers
Bumper = Branding, and you are always branding
Your firm works hard at marketing its logo and image. Bumpers take that up to another level.  

So what’s a bumper? Take a look at these and you’ll get it, not to mention some ideas for your very own bumper.
We love history and stories worth telling.
Some things are worth celebrating, commemorating and documenting. 

For companies celebrating a milestone, or that have a story worth sharing, a longer documentary can be powerful. Take a look at John Lothian Productions’ full-length feature celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). Another is in the works for RJ O’Brien & Company’s 100th anniversary.
You are moments away from having the perfect video or website to match your company goals. 
John Lothian Productions is the video production division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. (JJLCO).

Our editorial team has decades of experience in the global financial markets. We understand and know how to tell a market participant’s story. Our video and design team knows how to craft videos that are visually compelling, insightful and valuable
Jim Kharouf
Jim is a Chicago-based reporter and editor who has covered all aspects of the financial markets since 1989. He currently serves as contributing global markets editor to John Lothian News.
Patrick Lothian
Patrick is head of video production at John Lothian Productions and has worked on video projects ranging from video interviews to fully animated shorts to full-length documentaries.
Mike Forrester
Mike is a producer for John Lothian News. He is responsible for writing, producing and editing video content for JLN. He formerly held the title of video editor, but was promoted to producer in April of 2018.
Jessica Titlebaum Darmoni
Jessica is a Chicago-based journalist, marketing and sales professional. She is the founder of The Title Connection, which provides marketing, business development, public relations and event planning support as well as networking lessons.
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