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Think about your web presence, not just your website
Website/Newsletter/Social Media/Advertising
Your site should be structured to move your audience toward a goal.

Couple that with a newsletter or email strategy to build a two-way relationship with your audience.

Then find more people through social media and smart advertising.

Don't worry, we will show you how it all works.
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1Mississippi -
Charity supporting the mississippi river
The mission at 1 Mississippi is to protect and inform people about the Mississippi river. Because of this news and events are the most important part of the site.

Up front you can see the top stories of the month, upcoming events and must-know facts about the river.

The biggest button on the page points you toward ways to help both at the river and in your own home. The number of volunteers is also highlighted, currently over 17,000, to show the force behind the cause.
Bluestem Communications -
Charity that helps grow other charities
Bluestem communications focuses on helping other charities achieve their goals. Their services are front and center along with tips on ways to grow.

They also have a blog with new ideas on how to expand your charity. As a not for profit themselves they also have a donate button featured on the site.
Anees Upholstery -
furniture designer and manufacterer 
The hero of Anees Upholstery is the beautiful furniture. 

So we created a website with a modern, minimal look to allow the furniture to tell the story.
The Public House Theatre -
Comedy theater in Chicago
As a theater, enabling potential audiences to easily find tickets and show descriptions is a must.

Originally the tickets were buried in the site. After running some tests we discovered that the front page was getting very little traction, so we moved the tickets front and center. This resulted in ticket growth for some of the smaller shows. 

We also started up a podcast and blog section to give the audience another reason to visit the site.
You are moments away from having the perfect video or website to match your company goals. 
John Lothian Productions is the video production division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. (JJLCO).

Our editorial team has decades of experience in the global financial markets. We understand and know how to tell a market participant’s story. Our video and design team knows how to craft videos that are visually compelling, insightful and valuable
Jim Kharouf
Jim Kharouf, CEO of John Lothian & Co., has been a journalist and entrepreneur in the media space for more than 25 years. As a reporter and editor, he has covered the financial markets for more than 20 years. In 2006, he partnered with John Lothian in the development and co-founding of the Environmental Markets Newsletter and helped grow John Lothian News into a multi-media and international media organization. He was named CEO in January 2017.
Patrick Lothian
Patrick Lothian is head of video production at John Lothian Productions and has worked on video projects ranging from video interviews to fully animated shorts to full-length documentaries. He also acts as media director at The Public House Theatre in Chicago and owner of Patrick Lothian Design, a freelance photography, video and design company.
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